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Recording this record sucks when you have hernias. Meet all our friends.

That Malcolm X Tattoo Is NOT For You.
You have crimethinc on your bookshelf and can quote Audre Lorde. Doesn't make you my ally. There's privilege in the things that you adorn yourself with. Did you ever stop and think about what you believe you are entitled to? My body, their culture, you think it's all yours.

No I won't know you for the sake of the... Anti-everything.

Dyke Faggot Freak.
The human body is a fucking joke and I'm the punch line. I want to see you choke on your fucking laugh. I've always been a freak, a dyke and a fag. You want to play a crying game and I can see you start to gag. Repelled by most and Impressed by few. Unable to reproduce a breeding modern class, unable to reproduce sexuality. Does my naked skin impress you or repel you? I don't want to be like you. I just want to be the freak you always told me i was. I don't want to be like you, I Just want to be a fucking freak, a dyke, a fag. I don't want to fucking be like you.

Assimilation (Nervous Condition)
Every minute in America, queers everywhere are being asked to assimilate into a sexist, racist, fucked up society. Join the military? Get married FUCK YOU! Never forget the jails that trap and consume. Never forget they were created for you. And you want me to ëparticipate?í NO WAY!!

File Under: Useless Bullshit.
You would die for them fists in the air. A martyr. A saint. But you pinned me til I tasted carpet. I asked you why ìI thought itíd be romantic,î you said. Like ìweapons of mass destruction." Heavy intent. No consent.

Little White Dress.
Little white dress. Jesus Christ had a best friend in Magdalene. You can't say shit that would make me ashamed. I'll cover up my knees. Forgive me PLEASE. I am just fourteen but your church don't like my body. Make me hide my skin, sweating sin through my cardigan. You won't break your bread now that your god don't like me.

Fuck You Dad.
Fuck you dad. you're addicted to money, sex, and alcohol. Fuck you mom. you're addicted to god. You're both (we're all) completely fucked and so am i. so are we all and so am i. there's nothing left to deny.

TLC No Scums (Anomaly)
I promised myself I would kill you, even if itís only in my head. No Scum Left Behind. Iíll wear your blood, youíll never even know. No Scum, Left Behind.

All Our Friends Are Babes.
We'll never try to please you and your idea of beauty. Media fed, white washed, bred thin, starving, sad, and broke.


released December 13, 2014

art by Tiff Cheng



all rights reserved


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