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Friends. Lovers. Favorites.


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You’re a huge reason we are still alive. You make us want to continue to strive to be living for you, living for us. We’ll care for you until we’re dust. Wake up tomorrow.
Shut up! Hammering the last nail into your mouth. Now you can't tell us with your shit-filled maw what to do now. You're only quiet when you should speak up. You're only quiet when it endangers us. Shut up!
We do not care to be seen by you. You are now the ones not noticed or prioritized. How does it feel? (We don't care.) We don't hear you. We don't see you. We don't need you. You are nothing. Now you're just invisible.
1994 00:19
I never thought I'd ever make it past thirteen, let alone thirty. Every single year that we leave behind us is another obstacle survived. Nineteen ninety-four.
Ooooh baby, baby, give me that little limp dick. No one's thinking that baby's thirsty for Jell-O shots. Baby doesn't want a pudding; we all want a slamming. Smoosh it shallow. Jam it in. Pud.
Hard To Get 00:35
You can’t get rid of us that easy. We’re not as weak as some of you may think. This skin that’s thick came from a fuck-load of violence. We're through and stronger than you've considered. We'll outlive you just to spite your idea of a world without us.
Pieces. I try to remain sane. They undo it. Pieces!
We're surrounded by the most beautiful friends. We're endlessly grateful. Y'all are gorgeous.
Hello colonizers, social gentrifiers, and eugenicist urban planners who wanna bring the hood back to life! White punx is tribe/White punx is trife. Everybody could thrive for the right price. Nice for bright-skinned pedestrians to side-eye me as I walk by. Friendsgiving selfies and everyone is white. Movement for Black Lives signs are crowned with shining Christmas lights. Feelin' free, police every fifty feet. Yt west philly safely sleeps on a whole heap of crowdfunded wealth, looking down your noses, asking how to help. "Kill a fucking cop," as if you ever would. You're a black hole in this Black neighborhood. Fuck from round me nigga.
We wouldn't be anything without any of you. How have we become so fortunate? We truly feel that anything we've ever put out into the world is being returned in the sweetest way by the sweetest people. We love all of you. We love our friends, lovers, and favorites.
It's ok to be sad. It's ok to be sick. Please don't be afraid to ask us for help. You deserve it.
They say that when we're sick, we're weak. That's furthest from the truth. We're surviving. It's ok to be sad. It's ok to be sick. They say that when we're sick, we're weak. They know nothing. Please - if you have the ability - take it day by day, take care of yourself, and ask us if you need anything.
Fire in my mind born of a rage. Rage consumes me. I used to be polite preference; now I’m a black dragon of justice. I’m as big as the sun. Burn through stories that held me down. Weak twine to the fire in my mind. The power of women in hordes.
You know that we said that you can't kill us, and we're living up to that. We're still alive, and we'll never die. They'll remember all of our names while your legacy is rotting. We'll outlive all of you.
Anger is a fortress. Built contempt for hate. Infinite structure. Looms over the state. Reach extends beyond. The cruel traps engage. A traffic of sickness. Death in his name. You're all liars. Demagogues. I bury them all.
Born with a silver gun in your mouth and a steady diet of racism and homophobic, sexist, trigger-happy power trips. You're all born into the same mold: murdering fascist. Assigned cop at birth. Every single one; abort.
We are. Here's to all of us who managed to glean power from the same words hurled at us behind and ahead of fists, objects from cars, unwanted advances, and weapons like weird little fucking alchemists. We're turning shit into strength, shit into power. Our bodies and faces wouldn't let us hide even when we wanted to. We’re told we were fucked up long before we knew our greatness. Now we're reimagining our limits. Grasping back at the hands that tried to tell us that our lives aren't worth living. Swatting them into the same obscurity they tried to trap us in. Here's to us. Unwanted and weird, loud, unruly and opinionated, ugly, working through it, behind it, steeped in some things but always surviving. Always surviving.
We're not peaceful; we're violent. We have harmful intent. This is a trans girl takeover. We won't be submissive or de-escalating anymore.
Judgement from insecurity. Hateful false purity. I lashed out through pride. Approving myself with lies. Looking for a fight.
Outnumbered 01:17
It won't be very long until you realize that you're not as strong as you used to be. We are gaining power in strength and in numbers. You're outnumbered.


released April 20, 2018


all rights reserved



HIRS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The HIRS Collective

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