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released April 1, 2016



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HIRS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The HIRS Collective

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Track Name: BYOBS OST
1.SOUNDS GOOD. get your glove and stud it up. bro talks shit? he gets fuck up. don't you love those two sounds when a fist hits a jaw and a bro hits the ground?
2.NO INTEREST. that's it... we're fucking done. we have no interest in backing down. step up, get smashed.
3.TRANS WOMEN TO THE FRONT.listen up! trans women to the front at the show and in life. stop acting like we don't exist except when you decide to be violent. i swear to fucking dog. if i see you touch one of my sisters, it'll be the last thing you thought.
4.BANNED. no more dumb bros at the front of our shows. banned.
5.SHUT IT SO WE DON'T HAVE TO. looks like you have some stud dents in your forehead, bruh. learn to keep your ignorant mouth shut and maybe you won't get fucked up.
6.STAND UP OR FUCK OFF. start standing up for all trans femmes. you're neutral posture is just violence. there's no part time option.
7.YOU DROPPED THE BALL(HEWHOCORRUPTS). you stupid fucking imbecile. i hate your fucking face. i hate your cat. i hate your dog. i rest my fucking case. go dig a hole. shoot yourself. go get fucked.
8.CANDY RUN. where's the fucking candy??? i checked and it's gone! we need a candy run. nerd ropes and all air heads. ice cream until were dead. sometimes you need a break from all the bro smashing for candy.
9.GLOVE UP! glove up! meet us all in the street. we're going to take it over. it's a world wide meet up of amazing trans and queer pups. taking over the world. taking over the whole world!
10.WE ARE GORGEOUS.does your body feels like a haunted house with nothing good that can come out? I've been there and i've felt it too and sometimes i still do. but know we are gorgeous.