split 7" with WATER TORTURE

by +HIRS+

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our songs from the split with WATER TORTURE.


released 25 March 2013



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+HIRS+ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

+HIRS+ is +HIRS+

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FUCK EVERYTHING! we grind the pigs. we spit on popes. we fuck everything. no gods//no cops. no fucking bros. FUCK EVERYTHING!
Track Name: we hate people.
it's not surprising, none of this. the entire world has gone to shit. there is hardly anything or anyone left that isn't either evil or wretched. we're here to torch the world. we're here to finish it.
Track Name: ina/grope/riate
don't touch me without my consent. it will be your last regret. no tolerance. no excuse for your oblivious hand.
Track Name: living pope pyre (immolation of molestation).
tear down the vatican and burn the pope. destroy the catholic guilt that plagues all hope. black smoke.
Track Name: dead seeds pt. ii
why is it that only the assholes are breeding? i propose a new drug. infertile from birth until you've proved some kind of worth. but that's just body policing and even idiots deserve their rights...
Track Name: a very long list of men to murder.
wouldn't you like to know. i'll surprise all of you and them one by one.
Track Name: skullz n' shit.
skulls filled to the brim with nothing but the most macho bullshit. you serve, protect and hassle. a bully paid a shit wage to create a police state.
Track Name: amputated littered hand.
no consequence for theft from a multinational conglomerate but the litterer has one hand left and punks who steal from punks are banned until death.
Track Name: bong water torture.
are you working for the weekend? burning a short candle at both ends. now you can't even smoke in the privacy of your own home because if you get hurt at your shit job they are going to drug test you and if you test positive for the smallest amount of weed, your work's insurance won't cover shit. before we're fucked, let's ruin them. let's find a way to destroy the system. unplug.